Executive Management Committee

ANDREAS TUCZKA Chief Executive Officer

Born: 1971
Employed: 2017
Nationality: Austrian
Education: PhD (with distinction) and Master degree in Laws, the University of Vienna
Other assignments: Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Aldridge EDC Specialty Finance Ltd.  
Previous assignments (last five years): Partner at Lone Star Europe, most recently as Head of European Financial Institutions
Shareholding (own and related party holdings) on 30 September 2017: 6,618,263* shares

FREDRIK OLSSON Chief Financial Officer

Born: 1980
Employed: 2014
Nationality: Swedish
Education: B.Sc. in Accounting and Finance, University of Lund
Other assignments: None
Prior assignments (last five years): Finance Manager at LyondellBasell Industries NV, Head of Investor Relations and other management positions at Petroplus Marketing AG.
Shareholding (own and related party holdings) on 30 September 2017: 105,429 shares

KONSTANTIN KRAISS Vice President, Head of Transactions

Born: 1983
Employed: 2012
Nationality: Latvian
Education: B.Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Other assignments: None
Prior assignments (last five years): Manager at Deloitte
Shareholding (own and related party holdings) on 30 September 2017: 0 shares

* Shares held by Demeter Finance Sarl, part of the Aldridge EDC Specialty Finance (AEDC) Group, which was co-founded by Erik Fällström and Andreas Tuczka