Shareholder meetings

Notice of shareholder meetings is given by means of a publication in the Swiss Commercial Gazette or by letter to the shareholders on record. In addition, a press release can be issued. Between the day of the publication, or the mailing of the notice and the day of the meeting, there must be a time period of not less than 20 calendar days. The notice of shareholder meetings must indicate the agenda and the motions. The notice will also be published on this website.


Stating the purpose of the meeting and the agenda to be submitted, one or more shareholders representing at least 10% of the share capital may request the board of directors, in writing, to call an extraordinary shareholders' meeting. In such case, the board of directors must call a shareholders' meeting within due time.


Right to attend shareholders’ meetings

All shareholders who are registered directly in one of Euroclear Sweden's securities registers on the record date prior to the shareholders' meeting and thus will be registered by DDM Holding in the share register shall receive a convening letter. All shareholders who notify DDM Holding of their intention to attend the shareholders' meeting at the latest by the date specified in the convening letter shall be entitled to attend the shareholders' meeting and vote according to the number of shares they hold. Shareholders may attend shareholders' meetings in person or through a proxy. Shareholders may usually register for shareholders' meetings in several different ways, which are described in the meeting convening letter.